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Free range chicken au vin

Regular readers will remember that I have previously made attempts to obtain a coq, for the purposes of making coq au vin, with my French office mate. The first time I tried, I failed because I was too late in the season, and my friend the organic farmer had already sold the ones he were going to sell that year to another friend of mine, who was also going to make coq au vin. The year after, I made sure to place an order in the spring, and everything was looking good until my chosen candidate was eaten by the fox, who presumably went straight for the coq, completely ignoring the vin.

Free range chickens

This year, however, I've managed to secure a prime specimen, who is now awaiting his ultimate fate in my freezer, after having met his penultimate fate at my hands yesterday. A report will follow.
Are, Kjellove likes this


Kjellove,  06.10.12 21:23

I didn't know range chickens were free, by the way.

[Smiley inferred]
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Tor,  08.10.12 17:46

I didn't even kill him myself. I held him, though, so he did meet his fate in my hands, if not at my hands. I'm fairly convinced it was a quick and relatively painless death, which I can't really say when I buy chicken at the supermarket.


Kjellove,  10.10.12 05:08

coq au vin