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Healthy breakfast

The hotel we are staying at doesn't serve breakfast, but they have a deal with the hotel across the street. In keeping with my "don't add two kilos while on holiday" mantra, I tried to get a reasonably healthy breakfast there today. Yesterday we had a bun with sugar on it - not exactly my idea of healthy. So this is what I got today:


Yep, there is a blueberry muffin there; I haven't eaten jt yet, actually. There is also an espresso and freshly pressed orange juice. The latter is shaping up to a good placement on my forthcoming Top 5 Things About America list.

The sandwich was supposed to be..... Well, healthier than the alternatives, at least. Maybe it was. Its contents was mostly cheese, ham and bacon. Not exactly grovbroed med brunost.

The cafe is cozy, though, it has character and the personnel there are pretty cheery and helpful. If you're in the neighborhood, you could do worse than visit Caffe Trieste.


men hvorfor er du redusert til å skrive oe for ø? Poster du fra iPad'en? Har den ikke mulighet for norsk tastatur?


Jørgen,  22.09.10 12:57

Skip the healthy breakfast. One should always opt for the hearty breakfast.
Tor,  22.09.10 13:29

Du har better ikke tømme appelsinjuice på iPaden min. Jeg merker jeg blir helt nervøs av dette.
san francisco