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The time has arrived

We have now used the new site for close to two months, and we have tried mandatory titles on comments for a while. It is time to decide if this is something that we want. I feel that it looks nice, and is a good thing, and not a problem once you get into the habit, but I sense that everyone don't agree. What do you think?


Camilla,  19.09.10 22:48

I didn't in the beginning, but I do now.


Tim,  20.09.10 10:12

It's annoying.


Are,  20.09.10 11:16

Nay. Comments are not articles. Often they are a mere sentence long, and do not merit a title.
PS: Written on a nice iPad.


Jørgen,  20.09.10 11:45

Dear Higgs boson.

For Xmas this year, I would like:
Ragnhild,  20.09.10 16:37

Titles? Yes.
Tor,  20.09.10 18:35

I guess I should have waited a bit longer before putting this to the vote. But, the people seems to have spoken, I'll update the code in not too long.
Tor,  20.09.10 18:36

I'm a bit bitter that even though I seem to be the first person here to buy an iPad, I didn't get to be the first to post from one.


Anders K.,  20.09.10 23:41

No please. I never liked them in any forum. They disrupt both reading, writing and thinking.


Are,  20.09.10 23:48

Make them optional, and all is well :)
Tor,  27.09.10 00:52

The reason I haven't fixed this yet isn't because I'm grumpy about loosing the vote, or because I hope you'll forget about it. It's because the database we use is sqlite3, which doesn't allow you to alter conditions on a column after creation. Or in plain English: the database will throw an error if I try to save a comment with an empty title, and the only way get rid of this condition is to create a new database, and copy all the stuff over. It's probably not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but I need to look up some stuff, and also think about other changes I might want to do at the same time. So it'll happen in the not too distant future. I'm guessing a week or two.
Are,  27.09.10 04:27

Tor,  27.10.10 14:54

It's one month already? Dear me. Maybe before Christmas? Or maybe tonight.
Eivind,  27.10.10 23:07

gotta go
Jørgen,  28.10.10 11:01


Tor,  06.11.10 00:06

Jeg tror det funker nå.
Tor,  06.11.10 00:06

Titler er offisielt ikke lenger påkrevet. Men jeg foretrekker fortsatt kommentarer med titler. Det ser rett og slett bedre ut.
Camilla,  06.11.10 00:10

Jeg tror jeg kommer til å fortsette å bruke dem. Jeg syntes de var ekle før, men nå som jeg er vant til dem ser kommentarene nakne ut uten.

Jørgen,  06.11.10 12:04

Ah, nå blir det slik som det var i gode, gamle dager.

Anders K.,  06.11.10 12:09

Cleant og fint.
Ragnhild,  06.11.10 13:22

Dette handler ikke om titler, men om at jeg er glad. Jeg fikk nettopp et livstegn fra señora Aurora og familien hennes i Quito (som jeg leide leilighet hos for 150 dollar i mnd), nabokona som vurderte saltmengden i risen (tittet inn gjennom sprinklene i kjøkkenvinduet mitt)og lærte meg å lage ecuadoriansk mat. Hun fortalte historier fra barndommen på landet, da hun red på hest og plukket chonta. Vi sydde gulvteppe sammen av gamle filler, og hun mente jeg burde brodere på gardinen jeg lagde som skillevegg. Ah, minner!! Que emoción! Og sp kan jeg svare at jeg faktisk kommer tilbake. Hun har vannet plantene mine så lenge, hasta que vuelva.

Are,  07.11.10 01:24

Hurra! Så kjekt! Og hurra, så deilig å være med i samtalen uten å måtte gi hver setning en tittel!
Ulf,  07.11.10 12:01

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Tor, 19.09.10 22:35