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Tor leser WoT så du slipper I - New Spring

In the first part of this series, I will write a short summary of the prequel Novel New Spring, because it comes first in the internal chronology. I think that will make most sense to old readers of Wheel of Time, though I am not sure I would recommend starting with it if one is new to the series. Oh, and I'll be writing in English for the benefit of our international friends who also has stopped reading Wheel of Time, but maybe wants to read the last book.

New Spring was first released in 1999, as part of a collection of novellas by established fantasy authors, entitled Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy. It was later expanded significantly, and published as a standalone novel in 2004, between the publications of books 10 and 11. It tells the story of things that happend around 20 years before the first events of book 1, beginning with the end of the Aiel War in the Battle of Tar Valon.

The most interesting bit in the first part is perhaps that we witness the scene where Gitara Moroso, the Keeper of the Chronicles, foretells the rebirth of the Dragon, and that he is just now drawing his first breath upon the slopes of Dragonmount, whereupon she promptly falls forward and dies in Moirane's arms. Moirane and Siuan, who were both present, are sworn to secrecy by the Amyrlin. The very next morning, it is declared that the White Tower will give a hundred crowns in gold to any woman in Tar Valon or the sorrounding villages and camps who bore a child during the battles, and that the accepted will be sent out to find these women and take down their names.

At first, Siuan and Moirane are sent out to write names, but they are soon set to copy lists of names instead, thus putting them in a position to copy down interesting names for themselves, readying for the search for the Dragon Reborn. Because, as we know, there are those that would seriously bungle the situation if they found him first.

As an interesting interlude, we see Moirane and Siuan practicing for their test for Aes Sedai, which apparently consist of doing 100 pointless tasks with the power while being subjected to all kinds of distraction. Elaida makes a guest appearence during this time, and is actually shown to give them well-meant help in preparing. We then get to witness Moiranes test, and then she and Siuan, who passed the test earlier the same day, are full sisters.

At this point, some sartorial agony follows as Moirane goes out with Siuan to buy them dresses, but the plot soon thickens, as it turns out that the Amyrlin, Tamra Ospenya, are sending out searchers to find the Dragon Reborn, and Moirane decides to go out there herself. Shortly afterwards, and before Moirane leaves Tar Valon, the Amyrlin dies «in her sleep».

At this point, we follow Lan's point of view for a while, but nothing really interesting happens until Moirane arrives in the borderlands, searching for the Dragon. Soon afterwards, Siuan also appears, telling Moirane that all the sisters sent by Tamra Ospenya to find the Dragon are now dead, several, if not all, under mysterious circumstances, and we briefly meet Cadsuane, whom Moirane thinks may be a darkfriend.

Siuan and Moirane then goes on separately, travelling towards Chaichin, the capital of Kandor. To make matters interesting, Moirane meets Lan and two of his friends, and decides to travel with them. We then get to witness the charming Moirane-Lan courtship, where he throws her into a pond, and she throws the pond at him, among other things.

Arriving in Chachin, Moirane meets up with Siuan, and they visit the royal palace as the Lady Moirane Damodred and her maid Suki. It turns out dark stuff is going on, and in the end Moirane barely manages to kill Merean, a Black Sister, and disposes of the body. In the epilogue, Moirane bonds Lan as her warder, and together they continue the search for the Dragon.

In two weeks: The Eye of the World.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla T.,  29.06.09 15:01

I bet you can do next book with even less words :P

Camilla,  29.06.09 15:06

I confess I found New Spring rather entertaining, as I recall. But my memory may be playing tricks. And it had semi-interesting implications for the books that haven't been written yet.

Mary,  29.06.09 19:15

I may yet reread WoT.