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The secret

Today, I am going to start by asking a question I am sure many of us have asked ourselves: how many books about hot sex has Tracey Cox really written? Whenever you look at the health-section of a bookstore, there are sure to be loads of books with rediculously similar titles, all promising to turn you into a superhuman lover. The first time I was in England, I saw a poster advertising a book, and it said something like

Stop Making Excuses

from the best-selling author of

No More Excuses

At the time, I thought it was the stupidest commercial I had ever seen, but I have grown up since then, and now I know that the world is a stupid place, full of stupid people. But still, the number of suspiciously similar books by Tracey Cox strikes me as insane. To get to the bottom of this, I have used Amazon to make a small list of books by Tracey Cox.

Hot Sex: How to Do it
Hot Relationships: How to Have One
The Sex Doctor: Fix your Love Life Fast
Superdate: How to Be One, How to Get One
More Hot Sex: How to Do It Longer, Better, and Hotter Than Ever
The Hot Box
The Sex Inspectors Master Class: How to Have an Amazing Sex Life
Hot Love
Kama Sutra
The Cox Box
The Hot Sex Handbook
Hot Relationships: How to Know What You Want, Get What You Want, and Keep It Red Hot!

Honestly, I have to admit that I am a bit curious about what all these books have to say. I would especially like to know if they all say more or less the same, or if this lady is actually able to produce something like three books a year with meaningful and original advice. If that is the case, she must be brilliant, but then, she is probably brilliant anyway. Only not a brilliant sex-advisor, but a brilliant con-artist.

I strongly suspect the whole thing is simply a scam to harvest money from insecure people. First, she writes a rather thin book, with «HOT SEX» written in large, friendly letters on the cover. Bookshops immediately stock the book in large quanta, because everyone knows sex sells. The book is given a prominent place in the shop, and loads of people buy it, because who would not want to have hot sex, especially when everyone else is getting some. Then she cleverly writes another book, simply by adding the word «SUPER» to the title of the first one, and loads of people buy this book as well, probably because they did not immiediately get lots of hot sex after reading the first one.

At this point, it is simply a matter of churning out a few books a year, and everyone will buy it, because everyone else in this day and age are appearently having hot sex all the time, and no one wants to be left out. It is really a bit depressing, but then again, it is always good to know that if all else fails, one can always make heaps of money by writing books about sex. One just needs a foxy pseudonym.

-Tor Nordam


Eivind,  22.11.07 02:13

Why don't one of you read them and give us a psynopsis?

Camilla,  21.11.07 23:48

I think perhaps someone else wrote the Kama Sutra.

Anders K.,  22.11.07 03:46

I leafed through one of these books once, in one of these homes with expensive, boring furnutire and a large, expensive bookcase with nothing really in it. The book was no different at all from the life-style sections of certain Norwegian daily newspapers--except that the type was larger.

Are,  22.11.07 09:33

I think I have one of these books - I'm not sure. In any event, it is closely related, though the author may be different. Anders' analysis is spot on. It is like reading a very extended Dagbladet feature on sexuality. I'll make sure to have it laying on the livingroom table the next time you drop by, Tor.

Why would you ever want to buy Supersex when you could get Superhotsex instead? (Or was Superhotsex only written for those who first got Supersex and realised it wasn't as hot as they hoped?)
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